Michael was just 19 years old when he joined Drive Forward in late 2014. By that time his life was a muddle of instability, a lack of confidence and little drive to move forward.  Over the weeks on the Drive Programme, Michael’s confidence came on leaps and bounds.


He began to deliver presentations and speeches and debating assertively to large groups of people and becoming increasingly receptive to the support we offer. Michael made an important transition from doing nothing and sitting at home all day, to adopting a structured routine; enjoying doing something productive every day that would improve his chances of succeeding in life.

Michael came to realise that his skills and motivation allow him to pursue new career paths he had not considered before. Having lived on a farm for a while, Michael envisaged a future in agriculture. However, his participation in various workshops delivered by professionals from various industries and visits to diverse companies widened his horizons and meant he got in touch with his creative side. Michael successfully completed internships at Saatchi and Saatchi, PHA Media and Hill and Knowlton. He impressed with his blog writing and presentation skills, became a Drive Forward Ambassador passionately promoting the charity, featured in our promotional video and delivered a fabulous speech at our two recent fundraising events.

Michael is working through a plan of action and we wish him every possible success.

Visit our You Tube channel and listen to what Michael has to say about his experience with Drive Forward.