Here you can find all current and upcoming work and training opportunities, which are exclusive to the young people working with us.

  • Career Lunch Club: Hot, home-cooked meal and volunteers on hand to support with job applications, CV writing and interview prep. Held at the Drive Forward office.
  • Mindfulness Programmes: The practise of bringing one’s attention to the present moment through meditation and other training. Recommended for individuals who suffer from anxiety or stress. Held at the Drive Forward office.
  • Forum Theatre Workshops: Personal development sessions in which actors present challenging workplace scenarios. Participants are invited to direct the actors, providing the chance to reflect on and practise real-life situations. Held at the Drive Forward office.
  • Aim Higher Days: Our corporate partners open up their offices to provide an insight into different industries and networking opportunities. At various locations.
  • HR Speed Dating: Mock interview and feedback sessions with HR professionals and recruitment consultants. At various locations.
  • Deadlines for Ring-fenced Opportunities: Our corporate partners create work placements, internships and employment opportunities specifically for young people who have left care.

If you would like to refer a young person or find out more about our opportunities get in touch with Miranda at or call our office at    0207 620 3000.

We’re here to make a difference in the lives of young care leavers. Wherever they’re coming from, we’re on a mission to help open doors and give them the skills, confidence and inspiration to make some momentum and realise their full potential.


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