For the latest in our Drive Talks series we were pleased to be joined by Simon Smart, Team Leader of the Future of Europe Department at the Foreign Office.

Drive Talks is our version of the hugely popular Ted Talks; we invite inspiring and interesting people to speak to our young people about their lives and careers. Having journeyed through a troubled background himself, Simon had plenty of insights to share on what it takes to deal with the past and eventually move on from it. One of the analogies he used was that of an infected wound; if you just put a plaster on it, the infection will become progressively worse. Instead, you have to ‘clean out the muck’, and the sooner you do this the better.

This prompted our young people to share their own personal experiences with one another. As well as offering some valuable emotional and moral guidance, Simon also spoke about the different possible routes they could take into the world of politics.

You can see more pictures from Drive Talks with Simon Smart on our Facebook page.