Does your organisation have any spare memory sticks that could be donated to us? Each week at Career Club, we help our young people work on their CV’s, practice their interview techniques and apply for jobs.

If we could give each of our young people their own memory stick, they could keep their CV and job applications with them and apply for posts without having to wait for their next appointment at our office. While most of them don’t have a laptop or internet access at home they can use computers in local libraries or when they visit their leaving care teams – having their own memory stick means their personal information would remain secure and in their possession.

If your company has spare memory sticks, we could make good use of them. Perhaps you ordered branded sticks for a specific event that you no longer need? If you can help, do let us know, or pop some sticks in the post to us at Drive Forward Foundation, 4-8 Ludgate Circus, London, EC4M 7LF.

Thank you!