Pizza…what seems like the universal favourite for so many people. What do you think of when you hear the words “I’m ordering Pizza”? Well…I think of the gooey cheese, the amazing tomato sauce and the never ending variety of toppings.

One of my cousins lives in East Africa. She visited England when she was about 17 and she tried her very first slice- NO! – her very first BITE of pizza and she never looked back. Every day she was here all she wanted to eat was pizza. I mean, can you even FATHOM not ever having a slice of pizza for 17 YEARS??

I digress. Pizza originates from Italy so they say, but America (particularly New York) is famous for their huge slices of pizza. I’ve never been but I’ve seen the pizza Tony Stark had in Ironman and boy…what I would have given for that pizza. If I could insert the emoji with the hearts for eyes right now I so would. Everybody seems to like pizza – it’s one of the few foods you can share without that whiny voice saying “they have more than me!”

Each slice is proportionate to the person you’re giving it to and it has practically all the food groups; pizza bread – carbs, tomato sauce, and veggies – one of your five fruits and veg a day, cheese – dairy…protein and healthy fats (kind of.)

Finally, after all these years, there is a National Pizza Day a day where we can fully appreciate pizza for all it has to offer us. According to the best and only way to observe this auspicious occasion is to throw a pizza party! I’m down, just tell me when and where! But wait…there’s more! Not just a day BUT according to the Metro (I know, I know, not the most reliable source) Domino’s released an “emergency pizza button” on national pizza day in 2016. 50 VIPs (that’s Very Important People, not Very Italian Pizzas – which by the way, is so much better) were given these buttons – even Kiss 100 Radio’s Melvin Odoom. These weren’t released to the public unfortunately, but you could have won a button by entering their pizza competition. If only I had heard about this earlier…sigh…Domino’s spokesperson Louise Butler stated, “The good news is that easy ordering isn’t just restricted to a few lucky winners – all Domino’s fans can now download our mobile app to use our ‘virtual one-touch’ payment system – the rest is simple, just push the button when you want pizza!” But it’s just not the same Louise…It’s Just. Not. The same!

I hope you guys have a lovely National Pizza Day and spoil yourselves with an abundance of pizza! I would end this with a cheesy joke but…oh right…LOL bye for now!

Written by Roopa Mehta