As one of our supporters we’re asking you to help us create a Twitter ‘flashmob’ at 11am on Wednesday 28 October, the final day of National Care Leavers Week.

By tweeting one or more of the suggested posts (see below) at this time you will help to raise awareness of some of the issues care leavers have to deal with – some of the barriers they have to work so hard to overcome. This is why we have chosen the hashtag #IMind.

Care leavers remain one of the ‘forgotten’ groups in our society and we want them to thrive, not just survive. We mind that they fall behind at school. We mind that they struggle to find work. We mind that they often don’t have a voice.

Together we can highlight the support we can provide; support which is helping care leavers to make momentum towards their career goals every single week. On behalf of the hundreds of young people we have, and continue to work with, thank you for supporting us.

How it works

Copy and paste one of the following into a new tweet and and post it at 11am (or as close to as possible) on Wednesday 28 October. Simple

#IMind that so many care leavers fall behind at school. I support @Drive_Forward #NCLW15

#IMind that so many care leavers struggle to get a job. I support @Drive_Forward #NCLW15

#IMind that so few care leavers get to go to university. I support @Drive_Forward #NCLW15

#IMind that so many care leavers experience homelessness. I support @Drive_Forward #NCLW15

#IMind that so many care leavers end up in prison. I support @Drive_Forward #NCLW15

And if you aren’t on Twitter? Don’t worry, the hashtag works just as well on Facebook. You can even save the image at the top of the page (right-click, then ‘save as’) and post this to your Facebook page too.