Next Wednesday (2nd March) is Old Stuff Day, a perfect opportunity to clear out your clutter and raise money to support young people leaving care.

If your garage is so full that you can’t get your car in, or your cupboard doors refuse to close, Old Stuff Day is your chance to have a tidy up. Plus, now that we’re on eBay, you can sell your items on the auction site and choose to donate up to 100% of the sale price to Drive Forward.

Sell your old trainers for a fiver and you’ve paid for a young care leaver to travel to a job interview. That old lamp you have could fetch £25; which covers the cost of financial management training for someone who is getting used to living alone.

So, why not have a decluttering session this weekend and list your items for us on eBay? If you happen to be one of those super-tidy people who has no ‘stuff’ you can still change the life of a young care leaver by making a donation here.