We’re committed to making a difference

But we expect that commitment to work both ways. We’re not a charity that promises to change your world overnight. But if you come with us, we do guarantee to be with you every step of the way on a tried and tested course designed for you to create a brighter future.

How it works

Leaving the care system and making your way into the world of work is daunting, we understand that. Many of the young people we have helped came to us uncertain about what their future held, unsure how to get their career off the ground and lacking in self-confidence.

Through the one-to-one sessions you will have with your dedicated Employment Consultant, and in the sessions we hold as part of our Drive Programme, we can help with all of these things.

Of course we will work with you on your CV and interview skills, but we we’re about so much more than that. We offer unrivalled access to a professional network of entrepreneurs, successful business people, HR managers and professionals from almost every industry you can think of; people who will open your eyes to different career paths and give you brilliant advice on how to succeed.

career support

Meet professionals who
work in your field of interest

A regular Career Club where we will help you apply for jobs, internships and work placements

Exclusive development and work opportunities from our partner companies and organisations in London

Forward Motion:

If you’re only starting out on your career path and are still unsure where to go and what to do, then this is the course for you. Engaging in creative activities, you will enter into a dialogue with yourself, your colleagues and your surroundings. The programme will enable you to grasp the world around you, deepen your understanding of your own emotions and opinions as well as those of others, and enable you to better respond to challenges awaiting you in the world of work.

At the moment we’ve teamed up with two fantastic artists who each developed their own approach to help you build your confidence and inspire you to aim for your goals.

Light is everywhere

This programme is led by Rich Taylor and focuses on bringing out and enhancing the transferable skills you already have, such as creativity, communication and teamwork.

You will be introduced to basic principles of photography and explore various techniques of using light painting as a form of art, as well as a medium for expressing your own opinions.

Discussing current affairs and popular issues concerning young people, the workshop encourages you to make your voice heard and turn your personal views into pieces of art.


“Tore Gide”

Under the guidance of professional filmmaker and experienced participatory art workshop leader Lesley Pinder, a group of young people have developed and produced a mockumentary. Find out more from one of the course participants in our blog.

Tipping point

This is a creative writing and reflective thinking programme which uses grime, hip hop and poetry to inspire you.

You will explore the stories told by popular grime and rap artists to help you shape how you tell your own story. This will help you to explore your skills, dreams and desires, creating new positive stories to live by.

The engaging programme includes opportunities for creative writing, personal reflection, discussions on popular music and artists, and even performance.

The programme will be delivered by Nathan Crossan-Smith who will help you develop your confidence, show you how to work as part of a team, and help you create a strong personal vision for the future. This programme is a positive first step towards education or employment, which will enable you to successfully access the rest of our services.

Your Voice – Your Music

Lead by Managing Director and East London Radio Co-Founder Ian Chambers young people developed a three-hour radio show. Find out more in our blog.

Dear Care, I’m Leaving

‘Dear Care, I’m leaving’ is a play produced with the help of writer Nadège René, a care leaver herself. Our young people, all amateur performers, developed a script for the production to be staged as part of Care Leavers Week 2016. The play was directed by professional actors Jennie Gruner and Tom Colley. Both are collaborative artists with The Clerkenwell Actors’ Studio and have film, television and stage experience. The play was performed at the Courtyard Theatre in Hoxton and was a huge success.

Professional Pathways Fast Stream:

If you’re ready to take on the job market we can provide you with professional networks, access to top employers and advice from HR professionals so that you can stand out on paper and in person and take the final steps into the career you want. Over a two-week period you will visit prestigious work places, network with professionals and attend workshops to perfect your CV, interview skills, presentation techniques and more.

Sessions include:

  • HR Speed Dating; quick fire interview practise and feedback sessions from HR professionals
  • Managing your Energy; delivered by Richard Hytner, former Deputy Chairman of Saatchi and Saatchi; he will provide you with an insight as to how to present the best version of yourself in the work place from the perspective of a renowned business leader
  • Make Your Point; this session, delivered by top lawyers, will enhance your powers of persuasion and enable you to utilise evidence to present a concise and compelling argument
  • Career Showcasing; guest speakers, who all have diverse, interesting and successful careers, will share their career paths and advice.
Professional Pathways Flexi Stream:

If you’re in work or fulltime, this is the programme for you. We run regular events (usually 3 per month) to help you build your networks, explore various job markets and gain expert advice from HR professionals.

Sessions include

  • Drive Talks: Our version of Ted Talks give you the chance to hear from inspirational figures and leaders in their field. Speakers such as former pro footballer, Sol Campbell, will share their personal stories and how they have overcome challenges to reach their career goals.
  • Networking Events and HR Speed Dating: To meet professionals and build the skills that employers look for. HR Speed Dating is an evening of intensive and high-quality interview-practice where you will get immediate and helpful feedback.
  • Careers Club: This group session happens every three weeks. You, and other young people on our programme will work on job applications with 1-to-1 support from professional volunteers.
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We’re here to make a difference in the lives of young care leavers. Wherever they’re coming from, we’re on a mission to help open doors and give them the skills, confidence and inspiration to make some momentum and realise their full potential.


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