An exciting new crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help people hit hardest by the recent budget announcements.

Tom Lake and his colleagues hit upon the idea when, having put their personal information through an online budget calculator, realised they were going to be around £80 to £150 better off. Further analysis from the Institute of Fiscal Studies, which showed the overall impact of the budget on the least well off in society, got them thinking about what they could do to redress the balance.

Tom said: “There were cuts to family allowances, cuts to unemployment benefit, cuts to education and cuts to housing – all of which would obviously hit the worst off in society. It was pretty clear that the budget was unbalanced – the heaviest cuts had hit those who needed it most, and those with the broadest shoulders least.

“We decided to donate the amount we had benefited from the budget to charity, as a small gesture towards rebalancing the impact of the budget. As we thought about it more we realised that if everyone did something small like this, it could make a big difference.”

RebalanceTheBudget was created and supporters can make donations towards our work and those of five other charities who are helping some of those hardest hit by Government policy, including children, young people, the homeless, and families.

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