Job title:Youth Worker/Programme Coordinator
Hours:37.5 hrs per week
Location:14-15 Lower Marsh, Waterloo – Outreach work in 3 London boroughs
Responsible to:Operations Director

The Organisation

Drive Forward Foundation aims to assist young people leaving the care system to achieve sustainable employment and fulfilled lives.

Our vision is to unlock potential, broaden horizons, break down barriers, and create new routes to employment for one of society’s most let down and socially excluded groups. Empowering care leavers to become engaged and productive members of society.

Brief Description

Drive Forward are launching a pilot to prove that earlier intervention with Looked After Children will prevent some of the issues of unemployment, inability to manage independent living and a life on benefits.

We are looking for a competent youth worker with a broad knowledge of working with care experienced young people (15-18) to support their emotional wellbeing and mental health; planning and initiating projects and activities with young people that enables them to develop and achieve. Possessing a proven ability to challenge young people to think about their values and attitude and also helping them to manage their behaviour are important.  The focus of this role is to broaden horizons, encourage them to complete their education and see the value in taking up a career and to challenge unrealistic expectations by providing an alternative approach.

This role will involve working directly with young people to devise and deliver a wide range of opportunities and programmes that increase their participation, enable their personal and social development and increase their employment prospects.

Having an understanding of the needs of young people, particularly their mental health needs, and an ability to raise their aspirations. You will have relevant work experience and the desire to make a difference in the lives of young people.

You will guide and support young people in their personal, social and educational development to help them reach their full potential.

Youth work positions are subject to an enhanced criminal record disclosure by the Disclosure and Barring Service


As a youth worker, you’ll need to:

  • assess the needs of young people, and plan and deliver programmes related to their emotional wellbeing and mental health; particularly with regards to suitability for programmes being offered.
  • Tailor programmes to work alongside the National Curriculum and to run innovative activities to engage this cohort of young people who are still in full time education.
  • Coordinate activities with existing service providers and encouraging multi-agency collaboration.
  • liaise with employment consultants and other services that have a stake in young people’s progression including pathway plans.
  • attend and contribute to multi-agency meetings that bring together practitioners from different sectors;
  • run various activities and projects to support young peoples’ engagement with Drive Forward and their eventual employment e.g. arts-based activities, community/environmental projects, residential activities, outdoor education and sporting activities;
  • attend regular training and development opportunities to maintain an up-to-date knowledge of safeguarding, health and safety and local policy developments;
  • keeping up to date with relevant legislation to do with children and young people.
  • researching the views and needs of youth populations within selected areas.
  • manage all volunteers ensuring they access appropriate training, provide them with support and supervision.
  • undertake administrative tasks, maintain effective record keeping systems and respond to queries;
  • work with community groups to win support for improved provision and act as an advocate for young people’s interests;
  • regularly monitor and review the quality of the local youth work provision;

What to expect

  • The work is demanding and may be stressful.
  • Travel during the working day is often needed to visit locations where activities take place and for meetings with other agencies.


You will need to show:

  • a strong commitment to young people and an understanding of the factors affecting their lives, particularly their mental health and emotional wellbeing;
  • the ability to provide reliable support to young people in times of stress and act with integrity;
  • excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to establish good relationships with young people;
  • Initiative, patience, tolerance and flexibility;
  • a sense of adventure and a willingness to try new things;
  • formal communication skills for presentations, report writing and funding applications;
  • the ability to treat young people’s concerns with respect, tact and sensitivity, while being aware of the limits that are required by confidentiality and the boundaries that govern the youth/youth worker relationship;
  • a great deal of resilience.

Having an interest in, or talent for, sport or performing arts can be helpful.

Work experience

Substantial youth and community work experience (either paid or voluntary) is vital.

Working hours

Working hours are usually around 37 hours per week. It may be necessary to work some evenings and weekends. Time off in lieu will be granted wherever possible. 

To apply for this position please email your CV and tailored cover letter to our Operations Director Anton Babey.