This Is Me – Care Leavers, Identity & Sense of Place

We all have a place that’s close to our hearts. Let us show you ours.

Having attracted over 300 visitors in just one week in September, our unique photo-exhibition is going to 55East, South London’s newest Community Hub!

From 28th November until 8th December you can get a glimpse into the precious memories of young care leavers as they revisit places that are close to their hearts across London.

Enjoy your cup of coffee whilst listening to their stories of hope and despair, failure and success, family and aspiration. Challenge your own views and beliefs, allow new perspectives to form, and explore this multifaceted city through the eyes of these young and brave individuals.

The community cafe also serves delicious food, locally sourced from independent South London businesses!

You can also find the complete exhibition and accompanying soundtracks online on Flickr and Soundcloud.

And don’t forget to spread the word!

Underground/train: Elephant & Castle

53-63 East Street,
SE17 2DJ

THIS IS ME tasters:

A group of young care leavers from London have directed their own self-portraits, which will be displayed with accompanying monologues. In a startling and humbling celebration of diverse voices, each individual explores why their chosen place is meaningful to them and how it relates to or shapes their sense of identity.

Audio: Zach talks about what it takes for a young person to revisit places that might bear painful memories.

‘I think of society as a library, and people are all books. What happens if nobody reads the books?’ – This is Me participant

Care leavers face a number of hurdles when transitioning into adulthood and independence. A third of people sleeping on the streets come from a care background. About 40% of young care leavers are NEET and half of them are dealing with mental health issues. This unique project invites you to discover the people behind the statistics, their stories and take on reality.

When: 28 November – 8 December, 8am – 6pm, Monday – Friday

Where: 55East, 53 – 63 East Street, London, SE17 2 DJ

Audio: Shaun reminds us that asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, but of personal strength.

Audio: Listen to Travon’s story about the relative freedom of street homelessness, after leaving a domestic setting he describes as a ‘prison’.