Christopher Hook is one of a group of volunteers who works with us to help our young care leavers become ‘job ready’. Not only does he put them through their paces with mock interviews, he has also helped them to expand their networks and meet new people who can help their career journeys. To mark Volunteers Week, Christopher explains why he gives his time to us:

“I first got involved with Drive Forward when I took part in an HR Speed Dating Session, interviewing the young people and providing feedback and advice to help them prepare for future job interviews. I remember it clearly, not least of all because I was immediately impressed by how engaged and articulate the participants were. I also remember feeling slightly intimidated by the range of different career paths those young people wished to pursue!

“I was very lucky to have a secure start in life and appreciate there are many who don’t have that privilege. I’d like to believe that I’m making at least some small difference by helping care leavers others take the first step toward happy, successful careers.

“By working with them on their interview skills I hope I’m helping the young people to build their confidence as they look for work. For some who want to go into professional services, I’ve been able to help them more directly, by putting them in touch with people from my own professional network they can talk to and potentially work with in the future.

“I feel very fortunate to be involved with Drive Forward. It’s a humbling experience to meet people who are so committed to finding work and making the most of their opportunities.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about volunteering with Drive Forward, either on your own or as part of a group, you can read more about our volunteering opportunities here.