“Hey, this is Lynn Destiny on your mics from East London radio about to play Salt and Pepper Push Iiiit”, Lynn would speak into the microphone in front of her before playing the artist’s Hip Hop track. During the final two weeks of January, Drive Forward’s training room was transformed into a recording studio where our young people explored Hip Hop music in depth.

Rachel Neuer, Programme Manager at Drive Forward said, “At Drive Forward we look to do programmes that represent the passion and interests of our young people; but also gives them specific skills that will help them in life with careers, confidence and provide opportunities to be able to speak out and show their creative side.”

Lead by Managing Director and East London Radio Co-Founder Ian Chambers young people developed a three-hour show, which will air later this month (date to be confirmed).

“The first day they all conveyed what they felt most comfortable talking about and two distinct themes emerged; the history of hip hop – ‘old skool versus new skool’ and the 90s style hip hop songs that meant something personal to the young people,” said Rachel.

Speaking about his own career within the media industry, ELR-founder Paul Robinson, who has worked with prestigious companies such as the BBC and Walt Disney, provided the group with insider tips on how to get to the top within this highly competitive industry.

Over two weeks, the group explored their favourite music and discussed songs that personally touched them. Zach Stouchbury-White, Outreach Coordinator for Drive Forward, also joined a few sessions, “We talk about all sorts of things in the show, for example, women’s role in Hip Hop. Some of the guys also went to Boxpark festival in Croydon to interview some of the performers.”

Rachel, “The young people progressed very quickly; making real connections with each other from day one. They started working as a team, built their confidence, learned how to properly conduct an interview and how to transform their ideas into a radio show.”

Marie Luise, one of the participants said, “I’ve met some amazing people and it has been an amazing experience. Thank you so much to everyone who participated and gave me the opportunity to get involved.”